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What does custom web site design means? Well, it means that the web site is designed in such a way to suit what you want it to be. There are many different web sites on the internet nowadays. Just to name a few such as blogs that inform your loved ones what is happening to your life, forums to have discussion on a certain topic, tutorials to teach you on a particular subject that you are not familiar with and also the famous e-commerce web sites to introduce to you what the company sells.

Having a custom web site design is definitely better than using just a template. With a custom made web site design, the owner of the web site is able to add "personality" to his / her web site. An example of adding "personality" to a custom web site design; Adam has moved away from home for over 3 years now and he seems to have lost contact with his loved ones back home. The only way to tell his loved ones how he is getting along is through the internet. He then starts to design his own website, frequently posting the activities that he's been doing daily. At the first look of his design, it seems empty and that there is an "emptiness" to the design. He then decided to put his family pictures into the web site to make it more "homely" feeling. He felt satisfied with his work and his family felt comfortable visiting his web site design containing the family pictures.

A custom web site design also helps the company to give a good impression of the web site owner. This will be a great help in e-commerce web sites. The confidence and professional feeling when the customer navigates through the company's web site is important. Having a custom web site design will help the company to "stand out" among the other competitors. Besides having the same uniform layout of any e-commerce web site, the company could have a more interesting web site design such as adding flash introductions about the company. This will definitely increase the number of visitors visiting the company's website.

One of the strongest advantages of having a custom web site design is that the web site can have electronic reports, brochures and catalogues. This will help the company in saving printing cost as well as it will be easy to make any changes to the reports, brochures and even catalogues. In this way, the customer will feel more convenient and no longer have to visit the company to view the company's catalogues.

A custom web site design definitely allows the user to be more flexible with the web site's content and the design. Whereas when templates are being used, there is not much that we can do to make it look different from others. Since it is a template, there is bound to have someone using the same design. Therefore, our web site no longer looks unique.

As a conclusion, comparing a custom web site design and a normal template design, it is definitely a wiser choice to choose the custom made one. A web site is always viewed by many users of the internet which is why it is important to have a custom made design so that the users will remember the web site. Once a user remembers a web site, he / she will definitely visit the web site again. That is why a custom web site design is a better choice.

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